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The mission of the Terrebonne Parish Library System is to provide to all segments of Terrebonne Parish’s diverse population a comprehensive collection of library resources and services necessary to satisfy the evolving informational needs and recreational pursuits of the community, thus enhancing the quality of life in Terrebonne Parish. The library system has four primary roles: it will provide current materials of high interest in a variety of formats for persons of all ages. It will provide timely, accurate information and services employing a well-trained and motivated library staff. It will provide resources which are technologically advanced. It will serve as a door to learning for children by promoting the enjoyment of reading, learning, and libraries by providing materials and programs. The Terrebonne Parish Library System will uphold the public’s freedom of access to knowledge.

The Terrebonne Parish Library System provides free Internet access, both traditional and wireless, to its patrons and visitors as part of our mission to meet the needs of the community. This policy is intended to serve as a guide to acceptable use of electronic information, not to exhaustively list all possible uses or prohibitions.

Using this service and/or our equipment, implies agreement to this and related policies and releases the Library from any liability related to using our services or resources. Failure to adhere may result in loss of library privileges and/or legal action.

Limitations – Safety and Security

  • Library computers may be used only for legal purposes. Unacceptable use includes, but is not limited to: harassment, libel or slander; destruction, modification, or damage to equipment, software, or data; accessing websites that are harmful to minors or depict child pornography (any visual depiction [that] is or appears to be, of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct); disruption or unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications; unauthorized copying of copyright-protected material; unauthorized access, including hacking, and other unlawful online activities.
  • Patrons risk loss of Library privileges if they access sites that are illegal (for example, gambling,) or are disruptive to the use of the Library by other patrons because of offensive content (for example, pornography, racism, etc.).
  • The Library Board of Control explicitly restricts access to any material related to pornography or gambling, and as such, filters are in place to prevent access to such sites. Filtering parameters are set to exclude websites with descriptions or depictions of illicit sex or of sexual immorality [La. R.S. 14:91.1] in order to be compliant with the Child and Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Due to the vastness of the Internet, all pornography and gambling sites may not be blocked. Every effort will be made to minimize these intrusions. If notified of inappropriate site, and it violates the guidelines of CIPA, the Library can manually block access to this material.
  • The Internet may contain material of a controversial nature. Not all sources on the Internet provide information that is current, accurate, unobjectionable, or complete. Some content is obscene and/or harmful to minors. The Library does not guarantee protection from controversial material. Parents of minors must assume responsibility for their children’s use of the Internet while using the Library’s connection.
  • The Library has no control over the Internet and its resources and assumes no responsibility for the quality, accuracy or currency of any Internet information.
  • Patrons under 19 years of age will not have access to social media sites on computers in their designated areas (in branches that support such configuration).
  • Any unauthorized attempt to circumvent security software, session controls or gain unauthorized access to private information is a violation of library policy and will result in loss of library privileges and/or legal action.
  • Patrons must respect all copyrights. The downloading or sharing of copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited.
  • Equipment may not be modified or moved without permission from library staff.
  • The Library may limit data speeds and bandwidth at any time.
  • Internet access and rates of speed are not guaranteed and may not be available due to maintenance, loss of electricity, equipment failure and/or circumstances beyond the Library’s control.


  • The Library assumes no responsibility for any activities conducted by users of the Library’s computers.
  • Use of the wired or wireless network is at your own risk and the Library is not responsible for any damage that may occur to your computer while connected, including, but not limited to, electrical surges, data loss, file corruption, physical damage and/or theft.  The Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment, security, or data files resulting from connecting to the Library’s connection.
  • While the library performs all possible steps to fully protect systems, users should be aware that due to the complexity of current software and computer networks, it is not possible for the Library to ensure privacy of online activity. The Library assumes no responsibility for identity theft or issues related to privacy.
  • The Library reserves the right to terminate a patron’s computer session if the patron is in violation of the Library’s policies or procedures.
  • Patrons must use their own library card to access the Library’s network. Patron’s found in violation of this rule will be subject to the following penalty:
    • First offense – Session will be terminated and patron will not be allowed to use the library’s computers for the period of one (1) month.
    • Second offense – May be subject to library ban (up to six (6) months) at the Director’s discretion.
  • The Library does not provide data storage. Library computers are erased upon restarting.

If patrons choose to save files they must provide their own storage devices or purchase a USB drive or CD at the Information Desk. Data downloaded from the Internet may contain computer viruses. The Library is not responsible for damage to any patron’s disk or computer, or any loss of data, damage, or liability that may occur.

  • Library staff has the right to determine the appropriateness of workstation use and can at any time require a patron to leave the workstation.  Staff may also issue written or verbal warnings before terminating access. In accordance with the Library’s general policy, appeals of such loss should be addressed in writing to the library director.  The Library Director has sole discretion of penalty due to illegal activity or non-compliance of this policy.
  • All computers can be viewed and/or monitored at any time.

By using the Library’s network (wired or wireless), patrons acknowledge agreement to abide by all laws, rules and regulations of the State of LA and the federal government that are applicable to Internet use.


AUGUST 29, 1995


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