The Computer Services Department teaches the following classes: Intro to Computers, Email Basics, Internet Basics, Intro to Microsoft Word, Intro to Microsoft Excel, Device Drop-In, Computer Q&A, and Google Apps.

Computer Basics
Learn about the fundamental components and the basic functions of computers in this hands-on session. Interactive exercises and demonstrations will be available. This is a class for beginners.

Computer Q&A
Participate in an open discussion about technology. Come with questions about computers, devices, and other tech-related inquiries. This is a participant-directed class.

Device Drop-In
Bring in a device that you would like to become more familiar with such as a Kindle, iPad, or another tablet you may own. Come ready with questions about your particular device.

Email Basics
Learn how to communicate via email through discussion and practice. Set up an account, compose messages, and perform other tasks relating to email. Basic computer skills required.

Google Apps
With a Gmail account, there are a variety of tools offered to help you organize, communicate, and create with others digitally. Come to this class with an active Gmail account, ready to learn and discuss Google’s apps and features via Gmail. Basic computer skills required.

Internet Basics
Explore the Internet, discover different browsers and search engines, and learn about other features the Internet provides. Basic computer skills required.

Microsoft Excel  
Learn how to create, edit,  and design a basic Excel Spreadsheet.  Learn about the ribbon and all the different functions and features of Excel. Create two Excel worksheets from scratch.

Microsoft Powerpoint
Learn how to create, edit, and save a basic Powerpoint Presentation. We will create two Powerpoint presentations.

Microsoft Word
Learn how to create, edit, and save a Microsoft Word document. Learn about all the functions and features of Microsoft Word. Hands-on experience.

Classes are held in the computer labs at the Main library and North branch and are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. They are in high demand and have a limited number of spaces available. Please call the Main library at 985-876-5861, option 2, or email with any questions. Please check the library’s calendar for the latest schedule.


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